UK Trip Week One: London and St. Andrews

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I’ve been home from the United Kingdom for about a week and I’m already going through withdrawal.

My first week in the UK found me staying with some of my best friends I met at camp. I was lucky and extremely grateful that they were able to put me up for the week. I landed in London on Sunday afternoon and my friend and I made our way up to St. Andrews in Scotland via overnight Megabus which is a story within itself.

“Overlooking the National Gallery” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

I started the week visiting my favorite landmarks of London. On my must-see list is always Trafalgar Square. During my semester in London Trafalgar Square was always my landmark, the calm eye in the center of the city’s storm whenever I was lost or wandering without a destination. I hit up Trafalgar Square on Sunday afternoon, right in the middle of Time to Cycle.

“Covent Garden in the Fall” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

On Sunday’s to-do list was also this gorgeous balloon installment in Covent Garden.

“Tower Corner” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

On Monday my friend and I went to the Tower of London for the first time. I hesitated visiting on my semester abroad because it was so much money (Β£18 for a student ticket) but I definitely regretted it. We spent about two hours walking around all the different exhibitions, and just imaging someone living here was mind-blowing. My favorite part was honestly the moving walkway in the Crown Jewels exhibit.

“Millenium Bridge, Mid-Day” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to some more of my favorite sights and some new spots I’ve never been to. This included St. Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Museum of London, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, St. James’s Park, the Imperial War Museum, and Borough Market. One of my all-time favorite spots is standing in the middle of Millennium Bridge, overlooking different aspects of the city. Like in the photo above, St. Paul’s is directly in front of you, with Tower Bridge to the right and Blackfriars Bridge on the left. Behind you is the Globe and the Tate Modern.

“Walking to Camden Town” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

Thursday I headed north and hit up the British Library, walked along Regent’s Canal to some of the Camden markets, and Keats House. I have been dying to visit Keats House since I read his poetry in my Romanticism class my junior year of college but never got around to it during my semester abroad because it was over an hour away from my flat via tube. Keats House did not disappoint; I spent a solid three hours in the tiny museum wandering around and reading literally every little plaque card. I was surprised by how many interactive and kid-friendly features they had surrounding the poet, including magnet poetry and fill-in the blank poetry.

“Friday Afternoon in St. Andrews” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

After an eleven hour bus ride to Edinburgh on Thursday, we were in St. Andrews! I was so blown away by the coastal college town; I was taking photo upon photo. St. Andrews is home to one of the oldest (and best) universities in the United Kingdom and I can’t believe students are lucky enough to study in such a gorgeous environment.

“Back to the Water” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

More photos from St. Andrews and stories from week two to come!


3 thoughts on “UK Trip Week One: London and St. Andrews

    • Thank you! I absolutely love London, although I definitely felt more like a tourist this time around because I was only there for such a short amount of time. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

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