Why My Favorite Season Is Fall


This morning I discovered The List App on a whim and it has turned my life on it’s head in the past three hours.

I’m an avid list-maker. I love lists. Right now I have three different to-do lists going simultaneously. I make shopping lists of things I never buy, bucket lists of things I’ll probably never do, and god knows my lists of books to read is growing at a rate I gave up on keeping up with years ago.

Lists and listicles (an article in the form of a list; think Buzzfeed) are everywhere. I think people like reading them because usually they’re short and easy to skim. I like writing them because it’s a good way for me to get my thoughts on paper without fully forming them, kind of just like brainstorming or jotting down notes.

So in the spirt of list making, I’ve put together a not-quite comprehensive list of reasons why Fall is the best season.

“November Afternoon” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter
  • Tea any time you want without overheating
  • It’s finally time to wear all the sweaters you own on a rotating schedule
  • Thrift store shopping gets more fun when you’re buying ugly sweaters for $2
  • Fuzzy socks day and night
  • When your cats decide to curl into the back of yours knees at night it’s a welcoming warmth
  • Wearing scarves and hats and gloves
  • Layering looks good on everyone
  • Obviously the leaves changing is the highlight of the season
  • Every time you look out the window it looks completely different than before
  • The leaves make this prime photo taking season
  • Especially when the afternoon sunlight hits both trees and faces at the perfect angles
  • In the morning you can see your breath but in the afternoon it’s still nice enough to sit outside
  • The air is always fresh and crisp
  • Boots are everywhere
  • Which means you can start wearing tights
  • (And stop shaving your legs)
  • Pumpkin bread is sold everywhere, like all the time
  • Fall vegetables, like butternut squash roasted in the oven
  • And pecan pie!
  • Basically any kind of pie served warm with vanilla ice cream
  • You can start using your fireplace again so the neighborhood smells like fire and your home is nice and warm without having to turn on the heat

For me, Fall is almost like a second chance at getting to start over. Normally we relate January and the early months of winter as a time to make new resolutions and promises over starting over, Fall is really the time where we evaluate ourselves after the end of a carefree and activity packed summer and look at the progress we’ve made at working towards the promises we made almost a year before. Even though I love the cool weather and the Fall clothes and food, I also like the feeling like as the trees are dying around us we’re working towards another chance.

“Out of the Woods” Copyright 2015 Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

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