April 2016 Goals and To-Do List

It feels like March completely whizzed by, leaving my brain scattered and my hair in knots. My February list of goals is only a handful of posts back. February and March seem to always end too soon, but it’s April and May that leave my feet dragging along the months as we start to approach summer.

The months of February and March had been shuffling around my schedule a lot. I’m working three different part time jobs and my hours kept changing. Within the past few weeks I’ve finally settled into a routine and I think it’s time to reestablish some daily habits that keep getting lost between all my transitions.

April 2016 goals

  • FinishΒ The Alchemist and read 2 other books
  • Stick to my April blogging schedule
  • Open a savings account
  • Start planning my end-of-summer trip (a little late to the game!)
  • Work on consolidating my social media presence (I have various different usernames and profile pictures and it confuses even me sometimes)
  • Set up my eBay account (something I’ve been trying to do since January; I’m setting aside a weekend this month to finally get it done and clean out my belongings)
  • Finish a short story
  • Do yoga at least 6 times a week

Hopefully I can work on prioritizing my time well and can knock out a few of these if I set aside a few hours on aΒ Sunday to just focus and commit to doing it.


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