Life Is Too Short To…


  • Lie in bed all day
  • Watch copious amounts of Netflix
  • Spend time with people you don’t like
  • Stay inside
  • Complain about your job
  • Procrastinate
  • Scroll through Facebook
  • Blow off a friend
  • Lie your way out of something because you’re too afraid of being honest
  • Talk about yourself in a way you would never talk to a friend
  • Back out of doing something because you’re scared

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve accomplished in the last few months and I’ve finally admitted to myself the answer: basically nothing. I went about three months before I started working consistent hours and I had high hopes I was about to turn my life around. I made plans to write more, read more, create more, live healthier, be more productive… etc. As I approach my two month mark of working three jobs I’ve been noticing in my spare time I pretty much lie down on my bed and scroll through the same two or three apps on my phone. If I could go back to my three months of unemployment I definitely would’ve not taken all that spare time for granted.

And ok, I was applying for jobs like crazy so obviously that took up a lot of time, but I had the luxury to develop my own schedule and determine when would be most productive for me. Now that I’m working three jobs six days a week and have very little time, I’m feeling motivated. Figures.

This is a small list of bad habits I’m used to doing that I’m going to try and get rid of before I waste more of my limited time doing things that don’t make me happy.

What are some bad habits you have that make you less productive?


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