Blog Versus Journal

I got my first journal when I was in sixth grade. I didn’t really write in it too much; I mostly just talked about the boy I had a crush on. By the time I got to high school, I was still writing in the same hardcover notebook, except this time it was filled with much more angst.

When I got to college, I kept a journal every single day. I filled up two journals but my junior year, making it a habit to write in my journal every night before bed.

The problem with that was journaling turned into a chore. If I was too tired to write, I forced myself to anyway, which meant I had a lot of posts that looked exactly like this one:

“11/17/11: So tired. Not even sure I have the energy to write tonight. I’ll write more tomorrow if I remember.”

And guess who didn’t write more “tomorrow”?

Blog Versus Journal

Now I keep two separate journals. One is strictly for traveling. It’s thin so it doesn’t take up much space and I’ve brought it with me on every excursion for the past year and half but it’s almost done.

My other journal is a typical hardcover book. I’ve given up on the habit of writing everyday. I try to write in it a couple times a week, but I don’t want journaling to turn into something I feel pressured to do.

I don’t count this blog as a journal. Although I’m using this blog to write about myself, I’m aware the content I’m producing is going to be seen by other people (no matter how few other people there are). But my journal is for my eyes only (hopefully) and that’s a space for me to dump my thoughts and frustrations and gratitude down. My journal is a place for me to vent. My blog is a place for me to post concise content with a purpose and a theme. One of the main motivations of creating a blog was a place for me to get used to creating content in the hopes of becoming a better writer.

I enjoying writing for both my journal and my blog, but both hold different purposes and while they can share characteristics at times, to me they’re separate entities.

Do you have a journal? What types of things do you write in your’s? Does it differ from your blog?


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