May Goals and To-Do List

May is my least favorite month. It’s like the Thursday of the year. It’s almost summer but you just have to wait a few more weeks. It’s almost nice weather, but yesterday was 42 degrees and rainy. I think most people get seasonal springtime stress and it’s hits around April and May.

This month I’m looking forward to Memorial Day weekend because I have two days off. Coincidentally it’s also the very last days of May. Basically I’m looking forward to May being over.

With just two months before I jet off to camp for the summer, I have a complex list of things I need to accomplish before then.

May Goals & To-Do List

  • Finish The Secret Life of Bees and read three other books
  • Journal three or four times a week
  • Revise two pieces headed towards publication
  • No sweets or junk food (I’m granting myself one “oops” day a week but that’s it)
  • Spring clean my room and purge everything, including boxes I have in the attic
  • Sew something new
  • Write three short stories (A hefty goal but I think I can manage it)
  • Update my résumé
  • Hold crow pose for thirty seconds
  • Run for twenty minutes without stopping to walk

Looking at it seems like a lot. Especially with a six day work week. But this past week especially I’ve been really productive so I’m holding myself in a strong and positive light.


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