Did you dream of traveling to the moon?

Currently I’m readingΒ The Secret Life of Bees (I know I’m late to the game) and I’m loving it. It takes place in 1964 and I recently read a section where they’re talking about the first moon landing.

One of the characters, August, says that people landing on the moon takes the mystery out of it. The moon no longer holds a powerful mysterious connection to the Earth anymore, but instead it becomes a science experiment.

I’ve never had a strong desire to travel to the moon. I guess logistically it was too much work for me. I wasn’t really interested in outer space.

Traveling to the Moon

But moreover, I think traveling to the moon does take the mystery out of it. I feel like sometimes I think of the moon as a supernatural element to the Earth. Like, I know it’s there, I know what it does and how it works and how it effects the Earth and the tides and so on, but I don’t really understand why. I’m not really that interested in finding out either.

Besides, there are so many places closer to home that I haven’t visited or gotten to know yet. My travel bucket list continues to grow, and I feel like I need to travel around the world first before I think about leaving it one day.

I’m not ready for there to be people living on the moon. Ordinary people, not just astronauts and scientists. That would take the mystery and impossibility out of something so celestial and unknown and turn it into some plain and boring.

I think I take the moon for granted. You look up into the sky and it’s always there, sometimes even during the day. But you glance up and you see it and you don’t really think about it. Until I start to really think about it and appreciate it from the distance I am now, how can I be ready to appreciate it if I land there with my own two feet?

I need to take the time to appreciate the world around me, to take some of the mystery out of my neighbors before I think about traveling to the moon.

Is traveling to the moon a dream for many others? Or are people more comfortable staying on Earth?



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