Finding Courage in New Opportunities

This is one of those posts that I’ve had saved for a while but never really knew what to say.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of decision making. It feels like recently, but to be honest I’ve been making pretty tough decisions for the better part of a year.

I was asked to apply for a job that was a huge promotion for the job I currently was holding. I found that out through my friend, who told me as a courtesy heads-up, knowing that when my boss asked me about it would freak out.

(I promptly did so.)

A week later when my boss asked me if I would consider applying, I was prepared. I spoke with her about the reasons why I was hesitating to take the job and she said:

“You’re hesitation and uncertainty is a good thing. It means you’re thinking. If you had said ‘yes’ automatically, I would’ve known you wanted the job for the wrong reasons. If you said ‘no,’ it meant you probably weren’t ready.”

Finding Courage

Almost a year later, I’m preparing now for my new role. I’m at the point now where I feel more excited than nervous, and that’s making me confident that I’m somewhat prepared for the position.

Immediately when I was asked to apply, I made a pro-con list. The items on my pros were abstract ideas or small things I was looking forward to. On my cons side were very specific examples and a lot of things I was afraid of.

I realized all of my negatives worries about the job could have solutions. Since they were so specific, I was able to prepare for what I thought could potentially happen to me if I took the job.

It took me a couple months, but I finally accepted the job. My boss had already convinced herself that I was moving into my new role before I even applied.

I spoke with my friend last night (who also just recently got a promotion) and we took turns reassuring each other that we would do a good job. It’s kind of silly, but it was a little eye opening to see other people have more faith and confidence in you than you have in yourself.

Sometimes I feel like the hardest part of taking the leap is building up the courage to do so. Now I feel like I’m prepared or at least know what I need to do to prepare myself for the position I was promoted to, but at the time I at no idea what to do. The hardest part was making the decision and the commitment to follow through and accept the position. I’m not saying this new job won’t be met with a lot of obstacles or I’ll know exactly what to do 100% of the time, but for me, the hardest part of finding the courage to take on a new challenge is already over.

What are some ways you feel courageous? Is it when you first set out to do something? Or is it finding the strength to follow through and finish?


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