25th Birthday Quarter-Life Crisis Survival Kit



For my boyfriend’s 25th birthday I made him a Quarter-Life Crisis Survival Kit filled with a bunch of random and goofy things. I packed everything up in a shoe box and filled it with tissue paper and ribbons. I wrapped each gift individually and assigned each day a small theme and gave him specific instructions to only open each one on the assigned day. He loved it and managed to play along with me! Here’s the breakdown of what I sent him.



For Monday I baked him homemade peanut butter cookies (even though his favorite cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut; but the grocery store didn’t have macadamia nuts!) and I stuffed the cartoon with a lot of paper towels. I hadn’t baked them when I took the photo because I wanted them to be as fresh as possible.


For Tuesday I wrapped a mini bottle of Swagger body wash (Old Spice Swagger is a running joke among our friends) and some dinosaur stickers. He works at a middle school so I thought the caption was fitting.


For Wednesday I made him a small piggy bank from a cardboard box I picked up at Michael’s and had already painted. I cut a slit in the top with an exacto-knife. Inside I slipped in a laminated bookmark of a fake $10,000 bill.


On Thursday I wrapped a small slinky and some gummy bear duct tape with a reminder that tied the two of them together.

I couldn’t find my photos for Friday and Saturday (long story but I smashed my phone and lost a ton of photos!) but I sent him a small book of encouragement inspired by the slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On”, a pocket planner, and a disposable camera to take lots of photos (he was going to a wedding on Saturday).


On Sunday I sent him a card with some nice words, and a Party in a Bag complete with confetti, candles, and balloons.

I was so excited for him to open it, and I think he liked having something small to look forward to every day leading up to his birthday. I’m definitely going to continue with this idea in the future!



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