What Motivates You?


My motivation stems from being able to visually see how much I’ve accomplished and how much I still have left to do. I easily get sucked into games, especially those with a lot of levels. I feel such a sense of accomplishment in finishing something that I often need to reach every level of a game, even after it’s not fun for me anymore.

Often time with finishing projects in my personal life, my motivation is either in full force (like I need to finish this book today so I’m going to read for two hours straight) or completely non-existant (like I haven’t picked up this book since November but I’ll just read two pages before I pass out).

I’m a huge list maker. Visually being able to see how many things I have left to do and the satisfying feeling of crossing something off is huge for me. I usually have at least three lists going at once: a daily to-do list, a weekly to-do list, and a monthly to-do list. It’s an addiction to be honest with you.

Recently I’ve downloaded two different apps to my phone that keep track of habits. I love being able to check off when I’ve finished something or done something for the day. Both apps fill in a day on the calendar and I love looking back and seeing how many days I’ve done yoga or I’ve read part of my book.

For me, motivation is almost like a mood swing. Some days (like today for instance) it’s hitting me in full force and I’m able to get a lot of work down. Other days I didn’t even make my bed in the morning and I’m too lazy to take a shower.

Motivation is something I’m struggling to hold on to. Especially when my life is so scheduled between having three different jobs, it’s hard for my free time to be structured and scheduled as well. Factoring in responsibilities beyond my control that I have to prioritize and I’m up and down with my levels of motivation.

What are some tactics you use to stay motivation? Can you pass along any advice?



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