Points Of A Compass: The Farthest I’ve Traveled in Each Direction

Within the past five or six years or so I’ve caught the travel bug. I haven’t been all over and not nearly to as many different places as I would like, but I’m lucky enough to travel to the extent that I can and have. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite photos from the farthest point I’ve traveled in each direction.

Points of A Compass

North: St Andrews, Scotland

St Andrews
“Morning Walk” Copyright 2015 by Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

I visited St AndrewsΒ in September 2015 on my tour of the UK. I have a friend who goes to school at the university and she took us around the gorgeous town and I fell in love and realized I was living in the wrong country,

South: West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach, FL
“Before It Gets Dark” Copyright 2015 by Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

Right before the New Year I went down to visit my grandparent’s in West Palm Beach. I hadn’t been to their apartment in probably close to a decade. I was loving the warm weather and I’m such a sucker for the beach.

East: Paris, France

Paris, France
“Siene” Copyright 2014 by Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

For my 21st birthday I took the train from London into Paris for the weekend. It was a great weekend filled with delicious food and beautiful weather. My friend and I did a day trip to Versailles which was so impressive it was hard to wrap my head around. (I was surprised to find out Paris is farther eat than Barcelona!)

West: New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, LA
“Spring Break” Copyright 2012 by Cecelia Baltich-Schecter

For spring break my sophomore year of college, I went my friend and her parent’s to New Orleans while her dad was on a business trip. It was such a classy experience and probably one I wouldn’t have again for a long time. We ate at the best restaurants and I tried a lot of new food and watched a lot of St Patrick’s day parades. I’m thinking about planning a trip back to New Orleans at the end of this summer!


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