Summer Traveling Wishlist

I’m currently in the process of planning my end-of-summer adventure (and a little late to the ball game but that’s ok). It looks like it’s shaping up to consist of a road trip south to Tennessee where we’ll spend a few nights in a few different cities/towns (Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, etc). I’m stoked. I’ve never been to Tennessee before and I’m looking forward to eating my way through the state. (Side note: if you have any recommendations send them my way!)

To help plan our summer trip we actually started with a Google Doc listing all the places we wanted to visit. Some of them were far fetched, and some of them were very close to home. Before we ultimately decided on Tennessee we were thinking about spending a little over a week in New Orleans.

Summer Traveling Wishlist

Here are five other places I wanted to visit this summer:

  1. Cape Cod:
    When I was younger, my aunt and uncle bought a house in Cape Cod. Every summer my family would spend a week up there and I madly fell in love (mainly because you were never too far from a beach). I haven’t been back there in a hot minute (re: four years) because I’ve been spending my summers at camp where taking a week off in the middle of the summer is unheard of.
  2. Montreal:
    I’ve never been to Canada, and Montreal is within driving distance (albeit a someone long drive). It would be an easy Amtrak ride though too. I’m terrified of the winter, so visiting Canada in the summer would be perfect for me. I’ve only heard good things about the city and it’s still on my list.
  3. California:
    The last time I was in California I was six years old and hardly remember anything. I’ve been dying to do a West Coast road trip along the coast and I thought this summer would be perfect, but it’d be a long road trip west or an expensive plane ticket. I’m not giving up hope though!
  4. Austin:
    I’ve never been to Austin either but everyone that goes there says it’s such a fun city. I’d honestly just go for the barbecue….
  5. Costa Rica:
    I have a myriad of yoga retreats in Costa Rica bookmarked to my computer. I knew going on one now wasn’t going to be anything more than a pipe dream.

What’s your summer vacation wish list? Where are you planning on visiting this summer?


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