June Goals and To-Do List

Happy June! It’s so close to the summer solstice and as the weather heats up my life does too and I cannot wait to move on to my next chapter.

My May goals were pretty hefty. I checked off some, but left others undone or even untouched. I came down with Reactive Airways Disease which is just a fancy name for having a cough, sore throat, and no voice. Fortunately that gave me some extra time to write and I’m so proud of all the writing I’ve started last month!

June is a weird month for me because I pack myself and my belongs in my Jeep and drive up to camp for the next nine weeks smack dap in the middle of the month. I have no way of gaging how much spare time I’ll have to take care of myself and my life, so these are the things I wish to accomplish between now and then. I’ve broken it down into categories to make it more manageable for myself.

June Goals & To-Do List

  • Writing: Write one short story, keep journaling three-four times a week, finish two books, work on revising one more piece
  • Professional: Check off everything on my personal pre-camp checklist
  • Home & Social Life: Finish cleaning my room and pack for camp
  • Heath & Wellness: Keep working on kakasana (crow pose), continue eating sweets only once a week, try to run when I get the chance
  • Miscellaneous: continue planning my summer trip

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