How I Started My Home Yoga Practice

Three months ago I joined a yoga studio and it was one of the best investments in my post-grad life. I was a hesitant to dish out that much money each month ($75 for unlimited classes each month) but I convinced myself it was going to be worth it in the long run. Now, I go to a yoga class four or five times a week, so the membership pays off within the first week and a half.

One of the main reasons I was so wary of paying money to join a yoga studio was because I felt like  yoga is something I could practice on my own at home without spending money. I had taken yoga classes before (four different long term classes with two different instructors) so I already had a foundational knowledge.

How I Started My Home Yoga Practice

However, even after taking those four classes spread out over about five years, I was never able to keep up a consistent practice. Each class only met twice a week and it wasn’t consistent enough for me to stick with practicing yoga at home.

Now, I practice regularly at home and it’s because I hold myself accountable for going to a class.

By going to classes so often each week, I am forcing myself to carve out time in my busy day. Each class is about an hour and a half and I live between five to ten minutes away from the studio. It’s definitely a time commitment. But by paying for it in advance, I feel like I need to go to get my money’s worth.

Since I’m already practicing yoga so frequently, I can easily squeeze in an hour on the days I don’t go to the studio for a practice. Especially on weekdays, I schedule all of my practices at the same time, regardless of whether I’m at home or at the studio.

I also spend some time doing some homework each week. Whether it’s reading an article on yoga, or looking up a sequence, or learning about the origins of yoga, I spend just a few minutes each day reading up about what I’m practicing. For me, it’s important to understand yoga is so much more than just an exercise, and my practice extends off the mat. Holding myself accountable for learning more than just the postures makes me more motivated to try out what I’m learning in my daily life.

I also have set a lot of physical goals for myself. Right now, I’m working on holding crow pose for an extended period of time with ease and steady breathing. Having a physical goal urges me to practice at home more often, because it’s not a guarantee we’ll be doing crow in every class. By practicing this pose almost every day, I can feel myself holding it longer and longer.

This one may sound silly, but I also love having the freedom to wear what I want at home and I take advantage of it. Often at home I’ll only wear my sports bra, something I’m way too self-conscious to do in a yoga class. Part of practicing yoga is about honoring and loving your body, and it makes me feel good when I’m practicing postures at home and not worrying about how my clothes are fitting against my skin.

With the summer approaching, I’m suspending my membership at the studio for the next few months. I’m really bummed out about it because I loved the community I joined, but I’m confident I’ll keep up with my at home practice.

What are some ways you practice yoga at home and in your daily life? How do you hold yourself accountable?


One thought on “How I Started My Home Yoga Practice

  1. 75$ is a pretty good rate for unlimited! The studios in my area are more around 175-200$ for unlimited unless you get a discount for being a veteran or the like.

    I practice yoga at home, I also exercise at home, so I’m an at-home fitness person. A big part of it is having that freedom to wear what I want (or on some days, not wear anything at all… shhh~). When I’m at home, I can also modify positions or simply keep to positions I feel comfortable with if I want to be gentle on myself. If I’m looking to expand my horizons, I find free yoga routines on youtube and follow along. This is a great way to find poses I wouldn’t consider otherwise.

    I, also, have a few Yoga blogs on my facebook feed so that occasionally I’m reminded of certain poses and mentalities towards practicing yoga. Holding myself accountable though…. well, I sometimes set routines (lately, I’ve been putting them in my weekly update on my blog) and other times, it is as simple as “Did I practice yoga yesterday”; if the answer is no, I’ll practice it that day… but really, only if I truly feel like it. If my mind isn’t there, I prefer to journal or meditate instead because if I over-do yoga, sometimes it’ll trigger chronic pain in me so I have to be very careful to have a moderate balance of yogic practice. So far, every 3-4 days seems to be a good pace for where I’m at right now.

    Also, being completely aware of the body… patience is key. I find that being at home and only accountable for myself while practicing yoga, I’ll sometimes forget to be gentle and push myself when I shouldn’t or I won’t be mindful about my transitions. It’s about learning and connecting with the body in the end, so even those times when I find myself becoming impatient, I am becoming a little bit more aware, a little bit more mindful to bring into my next practice.

    My favorite youtube Yoga channels are Ekhart Yoga and Yoga with Adriene. Best of luck on your home practice!

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