3 Personality Traits I’m Proud Of

I working on seeping more positivity in my self-acceptance. We constantly say negative things about ourselves on a daily basis. I think that’s mostly because we spend the most time with ourselves out of everyone else, so we have enough time to pick out the mistakes or things we’d like to see change.

However, because we spend so much time focusing on the negative, we forget about the things we like about ourselves that we don’t want to see change.

Today I’m talking about three personality traits I’m proud of. I won’t like when I say this was difficult for me to do (I don’t like to sound like I’m bragging! This is also something I need to work on). All of these three traits have things that could be tweaked, but overall, I’m glad these are part of my genetic make-up.

Personality Traits I'm Proud Of

I’m a good listener and observer.
Sometimes my shyness gets in the way of having fun. I’ll back down from doing something because I don’t want the attention it would put on me. However, sometimes that same shyness enables me to be an outsider and to listen and observe the people around me and get a better sense of the situation. Because of this, I feel like I know the attitudes and personality quirks of those around me better than someone else may know.

I laugh a lot.
Sometimes I feel like this may get annoying. I laugh at every dumb joke. If someone says something funny and everyone else just smiles, I’ll be the person laughing. I also laugh far after everyone around me has stopped. Occasionally I’m self-conscious about it because I don’t want to bother other people, but most of the time I like how I can laugh at almost anything. Laughing keeps me in a good mood.

I put other people first.
This is one of those things that’s both something I’m proud of and something I’m working on changing. I love being able to put other people first and helping out and being reliable, but I also need to learn a balance between being eager to help and learning how to say no. As long as I’m not too overwhelmed with my own tasks, I enjoy being someone who other’s can depend on.

What are some of your favorite qualities about yourself?


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