Welcome to Summer 2016 Playlist

Summer is fast approaching and for me that means driving around with the windows down and music blasting so the neighboring cars get annoyed by me. 😅

Before I bore you all with my guilty pleasure country music that’s synonymous to summer (at least for me), I’m sharing with you a sample of my current favorite musics that’s helping me welcome summer with open arms.

Since summer is a mix of high energy days and nights and lazy afternoons, I have a variety of different tempos and styles to go along with whatever you might be doing that day.

Summer 2016 Playlist

  1. How Bad We Need Each Other, Marc Scibilia
  2. Giants, Matt Nathanson
  3. Staring Contest, Mates of State
  4. Wanted, Nick D’ & the Believers
  5. Ophelia, The Lumineers
  6. Sky, Birds of Bellwoods
  7. Drive, Oh Wonder
  8. Colors – Stripped, Halsey
  9. Shade of You, Daniella Mason
  10. In the Air, Ten Fé
  11. Dreamers, Scavenger Hunt
  12. Oceans, Coasts
  13. Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People), Olivver the Kid
  14. Uma, Panama Wedding
  15. Intention, Kiiara

I know I put Halsey’s Colors on my last playlist but it’s a different version and I still have stopped listening to the song… 😁

Hope you enjoy! What are some of your favorite summer songs?


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