A Response to Kelsey Miller’s Real Fitness Challenge

Rational Fitness Challenge

It seems like every New Year’s Resolution list of mine includes “work out more” or “get in shape” or the horrid “lose x amount of pounds.” But surprise, I’m not very good at working out.

It’s probably because I go through hot and cold phases a lot. I throw myself passionately into participating in something, whether it be reading, writing, any creative hobby, studying for an exam, researching for a paper, blah blah blah. The list covers ultimately everything I’ve ever done. Then when I’ve exerted myself from whatever activity I’ve poured myself into, I quit. For months.

This is me and exercise.

I go to the gym for a month straight, and then take the rest of the year off. Life gets in the way and I use a busy schedule as my excuse.

I’ve been practicing yoga pretty steadily for the past few months or so, and getting the hang of adding running into my daily routine. I like both of these, and while sometimes I groan as I get out of bed in the morning to start running, I feel pretty good about myself when I fall asleep at night knowing I got some form of exercise in.

On Instagram I started following a lot of yoga and fitness inspired accounts for motivation. I’ve noticed a lot of challenges spreading around, and I’ve been eyeballing joining one. I’m insanely motivated by any type of countdown or checklist, and I liked the idea of having specific tasks to complete everyday and a community to hold me accountable.

However I’ve been very intimidated to actually participate because every other participant in the challenge has completed each day perfectly. And I know I would never be able to do some days to the extent that every one else could.

A few days ago, Kelsey Miller posted a photo with a link to an article with a new type of fitness challenge called the Rational Fitness Challenge. She claims that fitness challenges “put everyone in the same box” and make people feel like the should be able complete the challenge which ease. The goals on the workout are more geared towards finishing the fitness challenge, and less working on your thoughts and attitudes with the challenge.

And if I’m already entering the fitness challenge with a defeated attitude, I’m not really going to get the most out of it.

Kelsey is promoting the Rational Fitness Challenge, which is a series of small individualized goals to help participants make and keep the challenge about them. It’s about finding a rational way to exercise without creating unrealistic expectations that are sometimes prompted from typical fitness challenges.

I’m still willing and hopeful to participate in a yoga challenge in the near future, but I’m excited to start my first “official” challenge with the Real Fitness Challenge. Here’s what I’m planning on doing this upcoming week, starting Monday 9/19.

  • Running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Setting up my own restorative yoga practice
  • Testing out some body weight strength exercises (This counts towards my trying out something I hate!)
  • Walking to work when the weather’s nice
  • Looking up and saving Youtube videos to work out to this week and in the future

I’m excited to start! Follow along with me on my Instagram or use the hashtag #rationalfitnesschallenge to see what everyone else is doing.




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