Why I Write Letters

Why I Write Letters

I love writing letters.

I don’t think we ever really lose the little kid glee that comes when you open the mailbox and there’s a card or a package you weren’t expecting. Ever if you were expecting it, it’s still nice to receive mail. It’s like a hard-copy receipt of a friendship.

I have a lot of stationary. Too much stationary in fact. It’s evidence that I don’t write as many letters as I should.

I’m currently on a mission to send as many letters as possible to my friends. It’s hard to keep in touch with people when we’re spread out in different states. I love texting, but I hate having conversations via text. This past week my friends and I had a three-way phone call, but it took us almost two weeks to schedule it because things kept popping up.

Letters are nice because you can share stories or ask questions and gush about your life without running into a text limit or having to wait until someone is free. You can open it on your own time and it’s there for you to keep.

I guess you can say the same about email. Emails take shorter time and allow people to respond quicker. I’ve made friends through emailing people I’ve met online.

But I prefer letters. It’s nice to take a moment out of your day to be away from a screen, and to sit down and intentionally write to someone without being distracted by the Internet. Likewise, it’s nice to sit down away from a screen and intentionally read about someone’s day and life; your undivided attention is on the letter and not on your phone or computer.

So I’m sending out my letters today. I’m not writing with the intention that everyone will write back, but I like the notion of reaching out to my friends without the help of the Internet.

Do you have a favorite way to keep in touch with friends? How do you spend time making sure long distance friendships stick?


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