Moving Back Home Room Photo Tour

When I first moved back home last fall after college, I promptly packed up all my things and put them in boxes up in the attic in anticipation of an easy move out for when I found a job.

Well, I ended up going to the United Kingdom instead, so that never happened.
I spent a solid week bringing things out of the attic and setting them up in my room. I hung up photos in picture frames (with actual nails!), I reorganized my bookshelf, took down all my old posters and photos from high school and started fresh. It felt pretty nice.

I bought this bookshelf for my dorm room and for a while I put it up in the attic (I don’t have a lot of floor space in my room). After shuffling some things around, I propped it against my window and put all my new books and photo albums on it to make my bookshelf look a little neater.

This is the wall you immediately see when you walk in my room. Before hung up some paintings I made as a high school freshman, before i made the switch to a Bruce Springsteen poster. Now, I hung up my Peanuts frames and added this hanger which holds my purse and anything I usually just toss on the foot of my bed.

This bulletin board was a MESS. It was cluttered and everything on it was so old because I never took anything down. Β I cleaned house, throwing out old brochures and photos and ticket stubs and only kept the stuff I wanted to look at or needed within reach.

My vanity is my room is also a mess. It’s pretty old already but I usually just toss stuff on there. I organized all my jewelry, toss away a ton of old make-up, and got creative with containers to hold everything in.

Above my desk is what I’m most excited about. It’s a work in progress photo wall, but eventually I want most of the photos to be black and white. I had all these old weird containers or vases that I added to the top of a little shelf on my desk and got around to hanging up the photo frames I bought last summer.

Making small changes in my room made me feel like I wasn’t living in a high school time capsule anymore. I still can’t wait to decorate my first apartment, but I don’t see that day in the near future. So until then, I’m compromising on continuing to upgrade my bedroom.


One thought on “Moving Back Home Room Photo Tour

  1. Honestly, this is such a good idea. At least your making your room your own and allowing for growth – more adult settings, so you’ll feel at home.

    I’ll need to do that if I ever get a room.

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