On Searching for a New Job: Millennial Musings Journal Entry 01

[I’m hesistant to call myself a millennial because I’m not sure I like to lump myself into a specific (albeit large) category of people. However, I guess one of the bonuses of lumping myself into a specific category is that a lot of people feel the same way.]

On Searching for a New Job

I’ve been out of college for a year and I don’t feel like I’ve been using my degree.

In the fifteen months since my graduation, I’ve held numerous different job titles: Unit Leader and Assistant Camp Director at my summer camp, Lunch Aide and Substitute Teacher at my elementary school, Teaching Intern and Assistant Instructor at my creative writing center, and Babysitter with my neighbors.

There are a few common themes with this list. My favorite one is the amount of job growth; I went from being a team leader to an executive leader, a supplement to a substitution, an unpaid intern to an employee on payroll. I’m really proud of all the physical job growth I’ve accomplished in the past year, and it makes me feel like I’ve been successful with something.

A theme I’m not so crazy about is that every single job I have deals with children. Working with kids or as an educator is not my end-goal, and it upsets me when people say I would be a good teacher. I really don’t think I would make a good teacher, and it’s insulting to people who’ve actually spent years learning and going to school for education. I enjoy working with kids, and I’ve learned a lot about them and about myself.

But it’s not what I went to school for. And it’s not what I want to end up doing.

I’m happy with how the past year panned out; I traveled, took on some new hobbies and got back into old ones, tried a few different types of jobs, and had the opportunity to go back to camp.

But now I’m feel unsatisfied and craving something more professionally.

I think one of the things driving me crazy is how I’m only working fifteen hours a week right now. I went from working three part time jobs at an average of 40 hours a week, to basically working 24/7 at camp (I was always on call, even when I was sleeping), to working way less than the maximum part time. The family I babysit for doesn’t need me now that the mom got a new job, and my creative writing center had low enrollment this semester and didn’t need assistant instructors. (In the back of my mind it feels like I’ve been let go/laid off/fired but I don’t know how accurate my thinking is.)

Working three job enabled me to test the waters in a lot of different types of job positions, but ultimately right now I’m ready for something a little more consistent. Not necessarily permanent or somewhere I’d like to be for the next five years, but something more steady and predictable.

I’m starting my job search again. I’m not excited about it, but I’m hoping to find a job that excites me.



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