How to Display Travel Souvenirs

How to Display Travel Souvenirs

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a packrat. When I travel, I hardly buy souvenirs but I always end up coming home with all my train and plane tickets, brochures, maps, and even sometimes receipts. I’ve become the pro of unpacking my stuff and figuring out what to do with all the knick knacks I’ve accumulated over the years.

Photo Albums
Nowadays everyone is a photographer. I’d rather spend money getting some of my favorite photos printed (because we all know everyone is taking them anyway) then buy some fancy souvenir that will collect dust on a shelf.

With the rising of digital photography, the lure of opening an album stuffed with photographs is a something reserved for nostalgic rainy days, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Print out some of your favorite shots and create a photo album for each trip to protect your memories.

Photo Books

If you’re ready for a new twist on an old tradition, consider making a photo book where you can design the layout and input your photos using a website. In return, this lets you have a collection of memory books with professional looking pages.

Photo Gallery Walls
With all those leftover photographs you’ve printed, consider dedicating a whole wall to travel photography. Whether you’ve framed them or not, consider your new photographs an updated wallpaper.

Frame Your Postcards
Postcards conveniently come in the same sizes as photographs, which makes it easy to find frames for them. I have a habit of buying a postcard to keep for myself in every new place I visit, so I end up having a collection of postcards from various locations. You can add these to you gallery wall, or keep them all in a frame.

Shadow Boxes
Shadow boxes are great because they allow you to display some of your favorite knick knacks you’ve collected and store them creatively. You can opt to fill an entire box with something (ticket stubs, tokens, coins) or you can arrange a few selected objects to allow it to have a better display.

Place Boxes
If displayed the random things you collected isn’t your speed (but you still want to hold on to everything) you can dedicate one box to a single city and throw those papers into it and display the boxes instead. This is great if you don’t want to throw anything away but ran out of wall space to hang up photos.

Displaying Small Collections
Another idea is to keep the collections small and dedicate a container each. I took an empty candle holder and put seashells in it from Charleston, South Carolina. I added the container to my container as a decoration, but it holds a meaningful memory to me.

What are some other ways you’ve displayed souvenirs you’ve brought back from a trip?


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