Top 5 Posts When You Open Linked-In

Posts on Linked-In

I use Linked-In like it’s my religion. I’m on it almost everyday. I’m not actually sure how beneficial it is for the typical job search; do employers really have time to scour Linked-In on the regular?

Whenever I log into my homepage, here’s the top things that make me cringe.

RECONNECT WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES ft. a dozen adults you met in the past five years and connected with on a whim.

TRENDING IN ‘YOUR CAREER’ ft. a link to an inspirational article that has nothing to do with your place in life.

JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN ft. three jobs you are under-qualified for.

[GIRL YOU HAD ONE COLLEGE CLASS WITH] HAS A NEW JOB! ft. a fancy job title you can’t tell is made up or not.

7 PEOPLE VIEWED YOUR PROFILE IN THE PAST 90 DAYS! ft. a co-worker, a high school friend, two college acquaintances, an ex-boyfriend, and two random people.

Oh Linked-In.


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