The Definition of a Post-Grad: Millennial Musings Journal Entry 02

When does one graduate from considering themselves a “post-grad” person?

I’m in this struggle right now. It’s been over a year since I graduated college, and yet I often still call myself a “post-grad.” Is there a definite timestamp where this becomes unacceptable? Or is it more of a state of mind? At what point do we move out of the phase where we’re transitioning for a traditional college life to an adult life?

Definition of a post-grad

My job search has been slow. I am unmotivated to look for different jobs but I’m unsatisfied with the one I have now. I feel unqualified for the jobs I want, but I’m too old to take on internship opportunities.

I’m still living at home with minimal financial responsibilities; car maintenance and student loans are my main money drainers. I don’t have to pay rent or buy food and I’m still on my parents’ phone plan.

I feel like these qualifiers–living at home, the part time jobs that don’t apply to my degree–enable me to still consider myself in the post-grad limbo. But am I allowed to tell potential employers that I recently graduated, even though I’m a 2015 alum?

I’m working on taking myself out of a comparison pool I drown myself in sometimes. My decisions, motivations, dreams are different from my friends, peers, co-workers, strangers I pass on the street. I shouldn’t compare my progress to the people around me, but inevitably I do. My post-grad life is/was my own, and I’m working on finding an exit strategy into the void of adulthood, whatever that may mean.


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