Productive Ways to Relieve Stress

I’ve reached a point in my life where I can claim to be a professional procrastinator. I have big goals and dreams and ideas but very little motivation.

I write it off as anxiety, nerves, and stress. Sometimes my ideas are just too big for me to accomplish, but sometimes I’m just too stressed out to even make a dent.

When I’m feeling stress or anxious, the first thing I want to do is climb into bed and scroll through the same three apps in my phone all night. This however, makes me feel worse, not better. I’m even further behind in whatever it is I was supposed to be doing, and I have nothing to show for all the time I just wasted.

Instead, I’m working on more productive ways to reduce stress or nerves or anxiety. Here’s what I came up with.

Relieve Stress

  • Β Baking
    • You can listen to music or have a tv show on in the background, your home will smell nice, and you’ll have a dessert to binge on for the next few days. Trying out a new recipe will break you out of a rut while also doing something fun.
  • Exercising
    • Whether you put off exercising or do it religiously, exercising is a great way to work off the baking you just did and get some of those endorphins going. Creative exercising, like jumping on a trampoline, is even better.
  • Calling a friend
    • You’ll feel immensely better after physically talking with a friend, and you’ll check one more thing off your to-do list as you actively work on getting better at staying in touch with old friends.
  • Cleaning the bathroom (or the kitchen or your bedroom or your car… etc.)
    • I always feel so relaxed walking into a clean, clutter-free room. Especially if it’s my own. Cleaning up a little bit is a good way to take a mental and emotional break from like while giving your own some much needed TLC. And it’ll make you feel better knowing at least your toilet is scrubbed.
  • Writing in your journal
    • Journal writing can be therapeutic within itself. Setting a daily goal (mine is one page) and just venting about your day gets it all down on paper before you can move on.
  • Getting a head start on holiday shopping
    • Holiday shopping is stressful, but shopping isn’t! Being able to start organizing some gift ideas and going to the mall gives you a break from your daily routine while avoiding the aggressive holiday rush that’s inevitably going to take over your mental health.

What are some way you relieve stress while also staying productive?


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