It’s Finally Fall 2016 Playlist

My fall playlists always consist of some kind of acoustic music to ease me out my summer country urges. However I’ve been into a lot of really upbeat, pop-y/techno-y music lately. (I think it has something to do with the fact my CD player broke in my car forcing me to listen to the radio.)

A lot of the songs I listed have a very homebound, lovesick kind of theme going on, which I didn’t really realize but I like it 😊 The playlist starts upbeat and peppy, then gets into a more dancing friendly tempo, before slowing down into some mood music.

Fall 2016 Playlist

  1. We Will All Be Changed, Seryn
  2. Yellow Lines, Brendan James
  3. Good Together, The Runaway Club
  4. Just Like Me, Betty Who
  5. Say You Want Me, Lostboycrow
  6. Eighteen, Dive In
  7. Stonewallin’, Jane Decker
  8. Diamonds, Johnnyswim
  9. Another State, Tigers in the Sky
  10. June, After Dark, Elliot Root
  11. A Little Out of Tune, Joshua Fletcher ft. Madi Diaz
  12. Lovesick, Banks



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