My Fear of Writing Emails: Millennial Musings Journal Entry 03

My Fear of Writing Emails

Does anyone else get irrationally anxious about writing and sending emails?

I don’t know what it is about emails but I hate them. Literally every part about sending an email.

How do I address the person I’m emailing? How formal should I sound? How do I sign of my name? Do I introduce myself? What if the attachment I sent doesn’t open? Will it get sent to spam? What will they think when I read it?

Then eventually, if the person responds, I completely ignore it in anticipation of reading what they said. Then life gets in the way and I totally forget about the email, and don’t respond until days later. Then a new string of worries snakes it way into my head.

What if I responded too late? How much time is too much time in between emails? They sounded so casual but my email was so professional; do they think I’m over the top? Should I sound casual back? How many exclamation marks are too many exclamation marks?

I don’t know what it is about emails that drives me so crazy. Texting is fine; in fact I prefer it. I would much rather talk over the phone or even talk to someone in person than send an email.

I understand the convince of an email; you can send it on your own time and the receiver can respond on their own time. But emails are still fickle.

Please pass along any tips you have for writing emails. I feel like this is a skill I need to have but for some reason I put off emailing important people for ages.


3 thoughts on “My Fear of Writing Emails: Millennial Musings Journal Entry 03

  1. Wow. I think you’re overthinking the email haha.

    I have a general tone I use, and then I mirror the tone of their response. My general tone is like that between professional colleagues, versus between me and a superior. I also try to reply to emails as soon as I get them, so I don’t have those second string of worries.

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