Reading Goals for 2019

I touched upon my reading goals a little bit in my most recent post about how I’m planning on structuring my monthly TBRs, but I wanted to go further in depth.

I love setting goals for myself, and obviously my reading goals are no different. I’ve separated my goals into two categories: quantitative goals that I can keep track of, and more qualitative goals that will hopefully enhance my reading lists in the upcoming year!

Read 100 books

My goal for 2018 was to read 75 books, which I hit in around September. Right now, I’ve read 138 books so it’s safe to say I blew that goal out of the water!

I credit a lot of my reading habits this year to my new love affair with audiobooks and my returning love affair with manga. I started reading audiobooks exclusively on my commute, and twice a week it takes me an hour to and from work, and the other three days I drive a total of two hours per day. Since I was driving SO much I would read about an audiobook each week. I also started binge reading manga again this year and would read at least 4 or 5 graphic novels/manga a month.

I have some real-life factors this year coming up that will affect my reading habits. I start a new job in January (which I am so STOKED about omg) so my commute will change. Instead of driving I’ll be taking the train, and while I plan on reading on the train I won’t be listening to audiobooks as much. Since I typically listen to audiobooks exclusively while driving, I’m going to need to adjust some of my habits in order to continue listening to audiobooks. I’m anticipating the number of books I read each month to drastically drop because of this, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to read on the train.

Because of my new job, I won’t be returning to camp this summer (#sadseal πŸ˜₯) BUT y’all I’ll have SO much time to read this summer!!!! This past summer, I only read 5 books in the ten weeks I was at camp, and 2 of those 5 books were graphic novels. Honestly I’m impressed that I even managed to finish three whole novels while at camp, but looking into 2019 I’ll be able to keep my reading consistent, which will bolster up my number.

So with all that, I think 100 books will be a challenging number, but I don’t think it will be impossible. It’s roughly two books a week which I think I can totally do!

Read 1 nonfiction book a month

This was a quiet goal of mine this year. There were 4 months where I didn’t read a nonfiction book in 2018, but there were some months where I read more than 1 nonfiction, so my total number balanced out. I think this will be another back burner goal, where I’ll feel satisfied if I read 12 books total, but I would really like to try to read at least 1 each month.

I also don’t include memoirs as a personal note, simply because I already read and enjoy a lot of memoirs, and this goal is really geared to get me out of my comfort zone and read biographies, histories, theories, essays, science, etc.

Read 1 classic a month

This is another back burner goal where I’ll also feel content with reading a total of 12 classics this year, but I’d like to balance it by reading 1 a month. I feel like a ton of bloggers included reading more classics in their reading goals as well and I’ve already seen so many great suggestion lists.

I own a lot of classics already, and I’d also like to revisit some classics I’ve read in high school or college and see if there are a few I’d enjoy more outside of a classroom.

Half of the books I read have to be by marginalized authors

I took a look at the books I read this year, and the majority of the books I read were written by white women. While a large part of me wants to celebrate reading women, I also know that I can absolutely do better.

I did some math and realized that without even trying, almost 45% of the books I read this year were written by marginalized authors. Honestly that number was a little surprisingly (I thought it would be lower) so I don’t necessarily think this will be a difficult goal and clearly it’s not impossible.

One of my overarching goals for 2019 is to just be really intentional with what I do. I think by intentionally picking books based of authors I’d like to support my overall reading enjoyment will grow and obviously it will make me a more well-rounded reader. For instance, I noticed in October that I hadn’t read a single book by a non-binary or trans author the entire year! Hopefully by keeping track of the authors I’m reading and the authors I’m choosing to support will prevent something like that from happening in 2019 πŸ˜…

Read more translations

This has been a continual goal of mine for the past two years. I don’t like to put a number on this goal; it’s more along the lines of if I’m choosing between two books (either to read or to buy or to borrow or whatever) and one is a translation, I’ll choose the translation.

Not gonna lie, but the majority of the translations I read are manga. I don’t want to discredit the work of the translators who work with manga, so that’s partially a reason why I don’t put a number on this because I just don’t even know how to quantify this!

Buy less books

Y’all. I have so many books. I buy so many books. I did better this year (probably because I no longer work at Barnes and Noble) but I need to save money and I need to actually read what I own.

I have some hefty goals this year and some quieter goals, but I think all of them are totally doable and will hopefully enhance my reading life this year!

What are some of your reading goals for the year? Do any of ours overlap?


10 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2019

  1. These are excellent goals! And congrats on the new job, too!

    I need to buy fewer books as well. I’m… outnumbered these days. Hahaha. Trying to get more nonfiction in myself, although I did a pretty good job of that last year.

    Happy reading!

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