About Seal


My name is Cecelia. Sometimes people call me Seal but my favorite animal is actually an otter. I recently graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC with a dual degree in English and International Studies. I’m using this space to figure out what the heck I’m doing in my life as I embark on the process of looking for a job. Eventually I would love to be a full time writer but I’m looking for something where I can work with books, writing, editing, reading, or any combination. I’m thinking about going to grad school and getting my MFA in Creative Writing but that sounds honestly terrifying. I work at a Girl Scout camp in the summer and I absolutely love it. I would apologize for the mess, but I’m working on saying “sorry” less.


I like fuzzy socks and just started putting milk in my tea. I fold my pizza in half when I eat it and have memorized the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I have permanent scratches from letting my cats climb on my shoulders. I actually enjoy doing downward facing dog in my yoga practices. I really like cider and ginger beer. My favorite seasons are Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter in that order. I drive with the windows down. I like wearing dresses with tights and red lipstick and I’m a professional secret keeper.

2 thoughts on “About Seal

  1. Just came across your page and I love it! We’re super similar in our career goals- I graduated with a Marketing degree, but hope to return to school for with my MFA in Creative Writing, or Masters in Publishing. Good luck with it, can’t wait to read more posts!

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