What My Yoga Class Taught Me About Motivation

Monday was a rough day.

Usually Mondays are not too bad for me. I know there’s the usual “case of the Mondays” that gets set around online, but honestly I believe that derives from this constant perspective that Mondays suck. I don’t buy into that; Mondays for me are a source of motivation. It’s a fresh week, a fresh start.

This past Monday I was not feeling it. I didn’t want to go to work. It was chilly and kind of drizzly; not even to say it was raining, but unpleasant enough to want to stay outside for long. I had cleaned the entire house for the past week and there was still more to clean (mess just doesn’t go away. Like ever). I had so much stuff I wanted/needed to do, but all I did was sit on my bed and play some stupid game on my phone.

I was miserable. I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to get anything done, but then just sitting there being lazy made me feel terrible. It was this vicious cycle where I didn’t want to do anything, and then I would feel bad about myself for not doing anything.

Then of course, I fell into the wormhole of “oh my god what am I doing with my life???” and that made itΒ wayΒ worse.

I convinced myself to go to yoga and almost cried the whole car ride to the studio. I was distracted and unenergized; I fretted being on my mat would just make me feel worse.

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Moving Back Home Room Photo Tour

When I first moved back home last fall after college, I promptly packed up all my things and put them in boxes up in the attic in anticipation of an easy move out for when I found a job.

Well, I ended up going to the United Kingdom instead, so that never happened.
I spent a solid week bringing things out of the attic and setting them up in my room. I hung up photos in picture frames (with actual nails!), I reorganized my bookshelf, took down all my old posters and photos from high school and started fresh. It felt pretty nice.

I bought this bookshelf for my dorm room and for a while I put it up in the attic (I don’t have a lot of floor space in my room). After shuffling some things around, I propped it against my window and put all my new books and photo albums on it to make my bookshelf look a little neater.

This is the wall you immediately see when you walk in my room. Before hung up some paintings I made as a high school freshman, before i made the switch to a Bruce Springsteen poster. Now, I hung up my Peanuts frames and added this hanger which holds my purse and anything I usually just toss on the foot of my bed.

This bulletin board was a MESS. It was cluttered and everything on it was so old because I never took anything down. Β I cleaned house, throwing out old brochures and photos and ticket stubs and only kept the stuff I wanted to look at or needed within reach.

My vanity is my room is also a mess. It’s pretty old already but I usually just toss stuff on there. I organized all my jewelry, toss away a ton of old make-up, and got creative with containers to hold everything in.

Above my desk is what I’m most excited about. It’s a work in progress photo wall, but eventually I want most of the photos to be black and white. I had all these old weird containers or vases that I added to the top of a little shelf on my desk and got around to hanging up the photo frames I bought last summer.

Making small changes in my room made me feel like I wasn’t living in a high school time capsule anymore. I still can’t wait to decorate my first apartment, but I don’t see that day in the near future. So until then, I’m compromising on continuing to upgrade my bedroom.

Why I Write Letters

Why I Write Letters

I love writing letters.

I don’t think we ever really lose the little kid glee that comes when you open the mailbox and there’s a card or a package you weren’t expecting. Ever if you were expecting it, it’s still nice to receive mail. It’s like a hard-copy receipt of a friendship.

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Making New Friends as an Introvert

I’ve been living at home after graduating for about a year now and I’ve learned a hard truth about post-grad life:

It’s really hard to make friends.

Especially for us loud and proud introverts. I am not the first person who will voluntarily go out just to meet new people. I’ll spend more time trying to make awkward eye contact with someone so I can tell them I like their shirt and by the time I muster up the courage to do so they already left the room and I’m feeling discourage.

I’ve had a few months of practice at making new friends and while I’m definitely not a pro, here are some tips on how to feel a little less anti-social if you’re not the most social.

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What I Learned 5 Years Since I Graduated High School

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since I left my small hometown and moved states away to start my freshman year. I feel like the same person, but sometimes it’s hard to zoom out on your life and see what other people see. I can tell my opinions of myself have changed (re: better self-esteem and a positive body image, usually) and my opinions of others have changed too (re: you do you).

What I Learned 5 Years Out of High School

One of the most important things I’ve learned in the past five years was to question everything around me and to make my own decisions and opinions based on my own thoughts and research. It’s my subtle way of not being a follower and standing out from the crowd. If my decision ultimately leads me to jump on the bandwagon that’s okay, as long as it was a conscious decision to lead me there.

I don’t know if I credit this learning to college or just to mature aging, but nonetheless I’ve learned a lot about myself that 18 year old Cecelia didn’t know she could learn.Read More »

Maintaining Friendships, Even as an Introvert

Yesterday I talked about the art of letting go gracefully. I also mentioned that in this ideal life I had wrongfully imagined for myself I was hanging out with friends every weekend and living the high life. I also mentioned that was not happening. In the slightest.

I’ve never been a social butterfly, but when most of my social interaction comes from seven year olds, I start to go a little crazy. As an introvert, the last thing I want to do is go to a bar on a Friday night to see some friends. But also staying home every Friday night alone for months starts to get a little draining too.

Maintaining Friendships as an Introvert

Here are some things I’ve been doing to keep my offline relationships with my friends still alive, even as an introvert.Read More »

The Biggest Lesson I Learned One Year Out of College

It’s be over a year since I graduated college. Honestly, it feels like maybe three months.

At this point last year, heading into my first summer as a college grad, I was overwhelmed by an extreme variety of different emotions. I was relieved to be done with school and felt a weightlessness wash over me as I realized I didn’t have any attachments. I was thrilled to be heading back to camp to see some of my best friends and have a break from the real-world and time to decompress graduation. Of course I was anxious about getting a job after camp and nervous about having to potentially move back home.

Now I’m finding myself in an odd place of repetitions. I’ve just finished my last week at my three jobs and I’m at camp, my second home. I’m thrilled to be here at camp, but I also have the same opportunity to job search after camp this year that I did last year.

Of course, during the fall of 2015 I spent a month over in the United Kingdom, and I probably won’t be doing that again this year (but ya never know!). It took me a few months to buckle down and really start job searching full time because I was still soaking in the post-grad glow that spanned from May until probably November or December (way too long if you ask me).

Although I’m in a relatively familiar place, I feel very different. If there’s one thing I learned this past year, it’s the art of letting go and riding it out.

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