December Wrap-Up: Wrapping up the year with some powerful and enjoyable reads

Books Bought:

  • Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister
  • A Heart in a Body in the World by Deb Caletti
  • Always Never Yours by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka
  • One Day in December by Josie Silver
  • The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay
  • Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • Six of Crows collector’s edition by Leigh Bardugo

Books Read:

  • Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner
  • Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  • The Radium Girls by Kate Moore
  • Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
  • Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister
  • Love Works by Janice Mirikitani
  • I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown
  • Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
  • Circe by Madeline Miller
  • The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen
  • Horimiya vol. 8 by Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara
  • George by Alex Gino
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde
  • The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Out of the 11 books I received this month I read THREE of them which is a record for me! Usually I don’t read the books I buy until many months later 😅

I wasn’t planning on buying this many books this month after my colossal book haul in November, but it kind of just happened. Every month after making my TBR I decide which books I’m going to buy and which books I’m going to borrow, but I had a few books I had been putting off buying so I just went out and bought all of the books I still wanted to so I would have a clean slate for the new year.  Continue reading “December Wrap-Up: Wrapping up the year with some powerful and enjoyable reads”


Down the TBR Hole #31: Books 501-520

Lia from Lost in a Story’s challenge “Down the TBR Hole” has helped me whittle down my massive virtual TBR, or at least get me thinking critically about what books I’m actually going to read. I’ve realized I’ve added a lot of books in 2012 and 2013 that I’ve never read and will probably never get around to reading!! There’s also a ton of books that I added in the moment that I’ve never even thought of since then.

“Down the TBR Hole” works like this: order your Goodreads “to be read” shelf with the oldest books first and remove the ones you’re no longer interested in reading. I’ve added in two of my own personal rules: if I have multiple books in a series I’ll only keep the next (or first) one I have to read, and I’ll remove complete works or collections (unless it’s a collection I already own).

Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay
Date added: Sept 24, 2016

Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming
Date added: Sept 25, 2016

Tiny Sunbirds Far Away by Christine Watson
Date added: Sept 25, 2016

Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray
Date added: Oct 14, 2016

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
Date added: Oct 14, 2016
keep Continue reading “Down the TBR Hole #31: Books 501-520”

Manga Madness Readathon Announcement and TBR

Jade from Drink Coffee and Read Books is hosting the only readathon I need in my life right now: the Manga Madness Readathon.

I don’t talk about manga that much outside from my wrap-ups at the end of each month, but I’ve binged manga series since I was about 13 up until high school. I stopped reading manga in college for a while because of time constraints, and in the past two years or so I’ve started to gently wade back into regularly reading manga.

I’m so excited to participate in this readathon and I hope I’ll be able to crank out quite a few installments!

Manga Madness Readathon is running from November 5th through November 12th and has three different challenge options:

  • Complete at least one bingo from the bingo board challenges
  • Read whatever you want
  • Stick to one series

The rules are only to read as much manga as you can within the week, and to only count one volume per challenge (no double dipping!).

I’m a sucker for a good bingo board so of course I’ll be participating using the bingo challenges. Continue reading “Manga Madness Readathon Announcement and TBR”

Eye Candy: Books I Almost Bought #02

Last spring I made a list of books I almost bought in the bookstore but ended passing up for another book. My typical bookstore routine is to float around and take photos of all the pretty books I want to buy but know I shouldn’t with the intention of buying them some other time.

“Eye Candy” is a series I started in order to have somewhere concrete to list these books so they’re not just taking up space as photos on my phone. I probably need to do these more frequently because as I was preparing to write this I noticed I had taken a photo of the same book in two different bookstores! Ugh I’m terrible.

Hopefully the outcome with this is that by forcing this books out of my phone and into the universe I remember them and add them to my ever-growing TBR and then maybe read them???

This post has a plethora of bookstores: 1 indie, 1 used, and 2 different chains. It contains a total of 14 books!

I’ve set this post up with the book, a simplified summary from Goodreads, and a short note about the book. Cover photos are linked to their Goodreads page!

The Village Bookstore (Indie), Sep 13 2018 (5 books)

If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

If There's No TomorrowLena Wise is always looking forward to tomorrow, especially at the start of her senior year. She’s ready to pack in as much friend time as possible, to finish college applications, and to maybe let her childhood best friend Sebastian know how she really feels about him. Until one choice, one moment, destroys everything. Now Lena isn’t looking forward to tomorrow. Not when Sebastian might never forgive her for what happened. For what she let happen.

I hadn’t heard of this book before seeing it in the store and honestly the summary is so vague I have absolutely no idea what it’s about but it sounds so intriguing and also has a surprisingly high rating.

A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland

A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares

Ever since Esther Solar’s grandfather met Death, her entire family has been doomed to suffer one great fear in their lifetime. Ester doesn’t yet have a great fear because anything that might trigger a phobia is off-limits and is meticulously recorded in her semi-definitive list of worst nightmares. Esther thinks she has it all figured out, until she’s reunited with an old elementary school classmate Jonah Smallwood. Together they face their greatest fears, one debilitating phobia at a time, only to discover the one fear they hadn’t counted on: love.

Rereading this summary has me so confused as to why I didn’t pick up this book when I had the chance?? It was also a book I’d never heard of before but wow it sounds right up my alley and also has a surprisingly high rating on Goodreads.  Continue reading “Eye Candy: Books I Almost Bought #02”

October TBR

Well well well better late than never I suppose!!

Of course I’m behind in my posts because I’m behind in everything else in life, and I would’ve skipped over this month but honestly it was basically finished so I’m posting it late anyway!

Out of the 7 books on my September TBR,  I ended up finishing 2 of them, and am currently in the process of finishing the third. I definitely could’ve done better and I’m a little disappointed, but I have high hopes for October coming up!

I’ve only added five books for the month, partially because I’m wrapping my head around the fact that I rarely follow my TBRs anymore and partially because two books are literal bricks and will probably take me a longer time to read.

I’ve set this post up with the book, a simplified summary from Goodreads, and a short note about the book. Cover photos are linked to their Goodreads page! Continue reading “October TBR”