Hopefully, if you’ve clicked on this page it’s because you’re eager to read more of my other work. Huzzah! You’re in luck. I have a plethora of really great writing for you to delve into. With my humble gratitude, I offer you many thanks.

Before I share with you my vast portfolio, I’d like to take this moment to highlight some of my personal favorite pieces:

  • The Scooby Doo fan-fiction I wrote when I was 7 (the piece to which I owe my entire writing career)
  • My college application essay (I wrote it on Maximum Ride. It got me into every college I applied to.)
  • The short story I wrote senior year of high school based entirely off the final scene of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus
  • The personal essay I wrote for AP English comp. on how evil personifies itself in my cat
  • This poem:


If none of that was what you were looking for, here’s where you can find samples of my other work:

Red Rover Camping

Academic Writing