Writing Goals for 2019

So if you thought my reading goals for 2019 was excessive you’ll be in for a real treat 😈

I have some ambitious writing goals for this upcoming year, mostly because my writing habits this year were crap and I’d like to go into 2019 with a bang and actually get myself in gear. Following a bunch of writers on twitter has been really inspiring and I’ve been craving a more consistent writing routine.

I’ve broken down my goals into two different categories: blog writing and fiction writing.

Write two reviews a week

Reviews have been some of my hardest posts to write; I just don’t enjoy them! I think it’s because I wait too long to review a book and I can’t remember what happened. I also don’t think I’m very good at it, but like obviously I can’t get better if I’m not actually writing any πŸ˜‘

Since I have to read about two books a week to meet my 100 books a year goal, I should be reviewing every book I read. This will definitely be a struggle and will be time consuming, but there are little no downsides to this. This will make me a better writer, blogger, and reader so like I just got to get over this fear and realize that my reviews might be a little sucky for a while.  Continue reading “Writing Goals for 2019”


Reading Goals for 2019

I touched upon my reading goals a little bit in my most recent post about how I’m planning on structuring my monthly TBRs, but I wanted to go further in depth.

I love setting goals for myself, and obviously my reading goals are no different. I’ve separated my goals into two categories: quantitative goals that I can keep track of, and more qualitative goals that will hopefully enhance my reading lists in the upcoming year!

Read 100 books

My goal for 2018 was to read 75 books, which I hit in around September. Right now, I’ve read 138 books so it’s safe to say I blew that goal out of the water! Continue reading “Reading Goals for 2019”

Reading and Writing Resolutions for 2018

New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays. I love the energy that surrounds the frenzy of promising ourselves to be better (even if we lack the motivation to pursue it–it’s the thought that counts). It’s probably the same reason why I love the start of a new school year or new month, and and odd reason why I like Mondays as well.

This year I have a lot of ambitious goals, inside and outside of my literary life. They’re not ambitious in the sense that they’re lofty or unattainable–on the contrary I definitely can pull them off. I just have a track record of being lazy and unmotivated.

Ever since I finished finish NaNoWriMo with a whooping 37 page sprint on the last day to meet the 50k goal, I’ve felt an enormous sense of anticipation–I’m eager to sit down and try that again.

The problem with December is that I just barely had the time. My grandparents were visiting in the beginning of the month, I had a camping trip with my Girl Scout troop, my uncle and cousins were staying for a week, and then the month ended with my boyfriend here for the holidays. In between I was getting back into my yoga studio (and barely making it to enough classes to pay off the membership fee), holiday shopping, traveling around for work, and just keeping up with my daily life and what I already pushed aside in November.

It’s hard to make writing a priority, especially when I already have so little hours left of the day with a full-time job. I look back on how I managed to write so much in high school on top of AP classes and extracurriculars and read a book every few days and I honestly can’t fathom how I did that.

Moving into 2018, I’m eager to make writing a priority and less of a hobby. My full-time job is not necessarily something I’d like to pursue for the rest of my life, and eventually I’d love writing to turn my full-time job. I’m moving into the mindset where prioritizing my writing will mean treating it like a full-time job, and engaging myself in other hobbies to take the place of writing.

Continue reading “Reading and Writing Resolutions for 2018”