January TBR: 8 Books

It’s my first TBR with my new 2019 structure and I’m SO excited! I have so many great books picked out and I can’t wait to start the year off strong.

Out of the 5 books on my December TBRย I have read a whopping zero of them! Not a great month for me reading wise; I read a lot of audiobooks and I was trying to wrap up all of the books I’ve been drudging through since like October ๐Ÿ˜…ย (I finally finished The Corrections literally last night and I just feel so free.)

I’ve set this post up with the book, a simplified summary from Goodreads, and a short note about the book. Cover photos are linked to their Goodreads page!

TBR Jar Picks:

The Daughters by Joanna Philbin

The Daughters (The Daughters, #1)

The only daughter of supermodel Katia Summers, witty and thoughtful Lizzie Summers likes to stick to the sidelines.ย The sole heir to Metronome Media and the daughter of billionaire Karl Jurgensen, outspoken Carina Jurgensen would rather climb mountains than social ladders.ย Daughter of chart-topping pop icon Holla Jones, stylish and sensitive Hudson Jones is on the brink of her own music breakthrough.ย By the time freshman year begins, unconventional-looking Lizzie Summers has come to expect fawning photographers and adoring fans to surround her gorgeous supermodel mother. But when Lizzie is approached by a fashion photographer who believes sheโ€™s โ€œthe new face of beauty,โ€ Lizzie surprises herself and her family by becoming the newest Summers woman to capture the media spotlight.

I’ve had this on my bookshelf probably since I was a freshman in high school and I’ve gone through many unhauls since then and for some reason there is just something about this book that I’ve been holding onto so while I was originally a little disappointed I picked this, ultimately I’m relieved to finally be reading it! Continue reading “January TBR: 8 Books”


Down the TBR Hole #13: Books 141-160

I’m back with another attempt to get my TBR under control. I feel like I need to just put aside an entire afternoon dedicated to going through my Goodreads and organizing it.

Lia fromย Lost in a Story’sย challenge “Down the TBR Hole” has helped me whittle down my massive virtual TBR, or at least get me thinking critically about what books I’m actually going to read. I’ve realized I’ve added a lot of books in 2012 and 2013 that I’ve never read and will probably never get around to reading!! There’s also a ton of books that I added in the moment that I’ve never even thought of since then.

“Down the TBR Hole” works like this: order your Goodreads “to be read” shelf with the oldest books first and remove the ones you’re no longer interested in reading. I’ve added in two of my own personal rules: if I have multiple books in a series I’ll only keep the next (or first) one I have to read, and I’ll remove complete works or collections (unless it’s a collection I already own).

Middlemarch by George Eliot
Date added: Apr 25, 2015

The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen
Date added: Apr 25, 2015

An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde
Date added: Apr 25, 2015

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays by Oscar Wilde
Date added: Apr 25, 2015

On Writing Well by William Zinger
Date added: May 8, 2015
remove Continue reading “Down the TBR Hole #13: Books 141-160”

My Fall 2016 To-Read List

Fall 2016 To-Read List

Operation Clean Out My Bookshelf continues almost immediately where it left off. (Whoops.) I read two books over the summer and both of them were borrowed from friends so I didn’tย really make any progress towards any of the books I need to read.

Since fall is one of my favorite seasons (summer has edged it’s way into my heart) I tried to pick some autumn-y books to sink into now that I’m no longer in school.ย  Continue reading “My Fall 2016 To-Read List”